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Siddown, spacer, and have a drink. Yer new to The Outlands, aren't yah? You've got that look about you, that "gawky tourist" look. You can find just about anything on The Outlands, iffen you look hard enough. We've got official Imperial Decrees, Rebel Transmissions, and, well, the less-savory sorts, too. So look around - but remember to keep yer credits close and yer blaster closer.

Welcome to my SW:RPG page! Most of the material on this page comes from the SWRPG mailing list run by "Empress" Jae Walker. If you are interested in subscribing, plese check out Mark Hudson's SWRPG FAQ for instructions. The mailing list is dedicated to the SW:RPG as published by West End Games - the future of which is still unclear. They produce(d?) a number of fine products besides SW:RPG, but you'll have to look for info on those games elsewhere, since I don't play them (yet!). A number of (former) WEG staff-people and free-lancers habit the list, so it's a good place to get "official" answers to game-related questions.

BoSSship stats and deckplans
Stock Shipsphotocopy percentages missing from Stock Ships
The Far Orbit Project product ad/summary [P&P setting]
SWRPG articlesnot published by WEG
The Star Wars Name Gazetteer & Compendiumname that character
Kick-start tips for getting started naming (great for races not covered in the SWNG&C)
Character creation with a twista new option for creating characters
Do's and Don't's of making a new character
Useful Skillsmore to a PC than blaster and dodge
Using Skillsoptional rules on skill usage vs. attribute usage
dice-based sabaccsimilar to Yahtzee or "dice-poker"
propsthings a GM can use to enhance his RPG sessions
Using Miniatures to show the action
"She's kinda tempramental..."quirks PCs may discover in those used ships they obtain
"Lock S-foils in attack position..."what good is an s-foil?
"I'm not as think as you drunk I am..."two different sets of drinking rules
"Pick yer poison, Flyboy..."a list of inebriating drinks
Expanded hit-location tablesome hits hurt more than others

Catch the shuttle and check out these other sites:

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the Chaos CrewTony J. Case, Super Geniusno-holds-barred reviews of "every RPG site on the internet" - huge list of SWRPG sites; loads of other great material
The HolocronRPG Vargas StarblazerLooks to be stats copied from official books - with no more SWRPG material being printed, this could prove useful to new gamers; odd frames usage
Pegasus BaseKevin DoleSpecial Forces in the Star Wars universe
Home of the Lost Star WarriorsMark HudsonBased off of the old Marvel series. Good Stuff
Wing Commander Luna's Briefing RoomWing Commander Lunaincluding the Starship Construction System

...where credit is due...

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