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Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998
From: Eric S. Trautmann
Subject: New Product Update

Hey, all!

Just finished working on the manuscript for Pirates & Privateers: The Far Orbit Project (written by Pirates and Privateers scribe, Tim O'Brien). Since I've seen a lot of favorable mentions to the original P & P, I thought I'd let you all know this book will be out in about two months.

Old news, obviously. - Ed.

It's a 176-page campaign supplement, set aboard the Nebulon-B frigate The Far Orbit. The Far Orbit--originally mentioned in the 1st Ed. Star Wars Sourcebook--was the first Rebel privateer to achieve major success (by staging a daring series of attacks on the Core Worlds). The ship's captain--a mutinous Imperial officer--has seized control of the Far Orbit and hired himself out to the Rebels.

The setting is the Ringali Shell (originally detailed in SWAJ 6 or 7)--Corulag, Chandrila, Ralltiir, Esseles, and Brentaal. Detailed maps of the sector and deckplans for the Nebulon-B (by architect/freelance writer Sterling Hershey) are also included.

Since privateer campaigns are a bit more free-wheeling than most scenarios, the campaign is presented as a loose overall outline (plus 8 "Instant Adventures" style scenarios). Gamemasters can run the stock adventures, or--with the campaign outline and suggestions provided--customize it as needed.

Detailed descriptions of the sector's law-enforcement agencies, Imperial forces, and even the black market are included.

A few new "Far Orbit"-specific character templates are included.

Some new optional rules on shield switching and maintaining your stocks of blaster gas are included.

One final item is included: a series of 15-20 "Securidex" travel advisories; gamemasters can photocopy and hand out "data traffic" and Intel updates to help steer the game the way s/he wants it to go; these can act as the springboards for the adventures in the book, or as Scenario Hooks for developing your own.

Tim did a really nice job developing a fluid, flexible and logical campaign without boxing you fine folks into a pregenerated storyline like DarkStryder.

And our art department pulled out the stops on the cover. (For a change, I got to put some of my graphics background to work, too; a couple of the maps and diagrams are by yours truly.) The book looks amazing!

For those of you who are lamenting the absence of Mike Vilardi, you should check out some of our newcomers--specifically Mike Dubisch, Andy Parks and Tanner Goldbeck--who did outstanding work in this book. Some of the others are well-known to WEG fans: Storn Cook and Jacen Burrows, who did their usual good work.


(Here endeth the shamless plugs.)

Eric T.