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From: Mike Kelley

Here it is....

This edition contains my scroungings for 45 species, but of course many have been left out. To submit your adendums and additions for Version 2.0, send them my way. For an easier to read version for NotePad, WordPad or MSWorks, simply ask, and you shall recieve. In the words of The Sirius Cybernetics Corp. Nutri-Matic Drink Despenser... "Share and Enjoy"....


The Star Wars Name Gazetteer & Compendium. Version 1.2

**Disclaimer** This document is in no way funded, approved or endorsed by any commercial company. All names herein are offcial and are copyright of LFL, Del Ray, Bantam or WEG. This is not an official rulebook. This is not an unofficial rulebook. In fact, these are not rules at all. They are guidelines and/or principles that I find handy for creating "official-sounding" names for SW-RPG characters. On the safe side, I'd like to apologize to everyone I've ever met, and most of the people that I haven't met yet. I think that covers everything. - Mike Kelley, hobbyist of English Linguistism and all-around agreeable guy.

*Anzati:  Anzat, Anzati are so rare that they're rarely two of them in the
same sector, let alone the same conversation.  For this reason, Anzati
never name their offspring.  Often times though, due to their constant
need for victims, Anzat will take human names in order to blend in better,
Ex: Anzat of Anzati, Dannik Jerriko

*Aqualish: ____ ____, two names (both given), usually disyllabic, Heavy
on: vowels, D's & N's, Ex: Ponda Baba, Unda Lagor

*Arcona: _____ ____, two names (first given, second family),  Heavy on:
T's, TH-sounds & R's, Ex: Kodu Terrafin, Vegath Tist

*Barabel: ______, one name (given), Heavy on: S's, A's, H's & L's, Ex: 
Shahtul, Vangar

*Bith:  _____ __'_, a name followed by a much shorter, usually apostrophed
subname [like a human middle name], Heavy on: D's, N's, K's & vowels, Ex:
Figrin Da'n, Doikk Na'ts, Ickabel Go'nt, Tedn Dahai, Herian I'ngre   

*Bothan: ______ ____'__, given name followed by family name with the
suffix as a clan nobility symbol (the suffix "'lya" indicates the clan
Alya, the most powerful clan), (lack of suffix = dishonor), Heavy on: B's,
Y's A's & K's, Ex: Borsk Fey'lya, Tav Breil'lya, Koth Melan, Peshk
Vri'syk, Asyr Sei'lar, Eurrsk Thri'ag, Girov Dza'Tey 

*Chadra'Fan: ____ ____ or _____, naming has a double standard on Chadra. 
Males are given two names. The first letter of both names (always
separated from the main body by an apostrophe) indicates social position
or occupation (such as, "T" indicates an engineer).  For Females, only one
name is given, and since females are not allowed to hold working
positions, they don't receive a prefix. Heavy on: K's, A's, and
hard-consonants, Ex: T'achak T'andar, Kabe

*Defel: ___'__ or Wraith, all Defels have short single names, frequently
containing an apostrophe.  Defels have no problem simply being referred to
by the universal term "wraith", Heavy on: F's , L's & R's, Ex: Kl'aal

*Devorian: _____'__'____, all names are in the form of Name'of'City, where
the middle name is a simple preposition (as, from, for, of, with). 
Devorians also choose for themselves less formal nicknames for use in
everyday speech (which translate as things such as Cold Food, Shaky,
Moonlight) Heavy on: M's, L's & A's, Ex: Kardue'sai'Malloc (nicknamed
Labria), Mlar'nkai'Kambric, other nicknames:  Oxbel, Jubal  

*Duro: ___ ______or ______, one name or a given name followed by a
surname, Heavy on: R's, L's & hard syllables, Ex: Ellor, Krudar, Lai

*Exodeen: _'___ _____, Exodeens have two names, the last a family name,
the first a complex social title.  The part after the apostrophe is the
name of their "hive" or clans (a hive is a unit of both military and
community, all residents of a city belong to the hive which is ruled by a
military commander)(the Yets are the strongest hive).  The letter before
the apostrophe is their standing in that hive ("R" indicates
Commander-in-Chief, "M" indicates 2nd in command).  Heavy in first name:
Hard constants, Heavy in last name: Slurred-vowels, Ex: M'yet Luure, R'yet

*Falleen: _____, on name (given), Heavy on: X's, Z's, I's & L's, Ex:
Xizor, Xzuhal, Miaxi, Haxim, 

*Firrerro: ______, one name (given), One peculiar aspect of the near-human
Firrerros is that they will never tell you their name right off.  In their
culture, the knowing of names is similar to ownership.  A Firrerro will
only give you his or her name if he/she is surrendering to you or is in
love with you.  Heavy on: R's, T's & I's, Ex: Tigris, Rillao, Hethrir

*Gamorrean: ______, one given name, usually limited to one or two
syllables (though the rare, educated Gamorreans sometimes change their
name to longer, non-gruntlike versions), Heavy on: G's R's & T's, Ex:
Gartogg, Rogua, Ortugg, Venorra 

*Gand: Gand or _____ or ____  ____, the Gand honor and naming systems
coincide.  A lowly Gand is just called Gand, after a Gand does something
of merit he is given a name (as in Deion when he plays high school
football), after a Gand becomes well known, he is given a second name that
goes before the first (as in Sanders Deion after he goes pro).  Until a
Gand is known universally across the planet Gand, he refers to himself in
the third person.  But when he does become famous, he refers to himself
proudly as "I", Heavy on: vowels (especially I's and U's), L's & R's, Ex:
Ooryl Qrygg, Ussar Vlee, Syron Aalun, Vviir Wiamdi

*Gran: ______ or ___-___, one name, often times hyphenated, Heavy on: R's
& E's, Ex: Ree-Yees

*Gosfambling: ______________, Gosfambling vocalics are slightly but
distinctly different from most Basic-speaking humanoids.  Their long and
unpronounceable names are shortened into two syllable abbreviated names,
for their dealings with non-Gosfamblings, Heavy on: S's, SH-sounds, F's &
untranslatable harmonics, Ex: C********f*osh   (common-named C-Fosh)

*Gotal: _____ or _____ ______, one name or a name and a surname, depending
on the prosperity/social standing of the parent family, Ex: Feltipern
Trevagg, Lishma

*Gottalphib: __________, one name (given), usually long and bubbly, Heavy
on: vowels, N's & S's, Ex: Nandreeson, Iisner 

*Ho'din: _____, one name only, Heavy on: A's, P's & hard-syllables, Ex: 
Spero, Par'tah, Usta

*Hutt: _____ the Hutt, one name, usually five letters, followed by title
of which they view upmost honor, "The Hutt", Heavy On: vowels, R's & B's, 
Jabba the Hutt, Zorba the Hutt, Durga The Hutt

*Ithoran: ____ _____, two names (first given, second family), (Ithorans
speak in a diharmonic language [having dual Larynxes].  Translations are
very loose and names are rarely pronounced as spelled)  Heavy On: vowels,
W's & M's, Ex: Momaw Nadon, Tomla El

*Jawa: ___ ____, given name followed by a clan name (all Jawas on a
sandcrawler are of the same clan, meaning they also have the same last
name), Heavy on: H's, E's, A's & K's, Ex: Het Nkik, Jek Nkik, Eet Ptaa,
Hrar Kkak

*Khommarian: _____ #, There are no sexes on Khomm, all kin are genetic
duplicates of their parent, and take there parent's name (Joe 43's
offspring is named Joe 44), Heavy on K's and monosyllables, Ex: Dorsk 81,
Dorsk 82, Kaell 116. 

*Kubaz: ______ or ____ ____, either one given name or in the form
Givenname Familyname, depending on place of origin and upbringing, Heavy
on: T's, R's & V's, Ex: Thwim, Tavvar Va'ran  

*Mon Calamarian: _____, always one name, Heavy on: A's, S's, M's, R's &
SH-Sounds, Ex: Ackbar, Perit, Akanseh, Sesfan, Clighal, Ibtisam, Jesmin

*Noghri: ______ clan ____'___, given name is ALWAYS said with clan name,
as a matter of loyalty to their Dukha (similar to a Scottish clanhouse),
Heavy on: R's, H's, I's, M's, K's & T's, Ex: Ruhk clan Baikh'vair,
Khabarakh clan Kim'bar, Ovkhevam clan Bakh'tor, Ekhrikhor clan Bahk'tor,
Cakhmaim clan Eikh'mir 

*Quarren: _______ or _____ ____, one given name or given name followed by
a title (reserved for government and military types only), Heavy on: S's,
L's, & K's, Ex: Seggor Tels, Vekker, Tessek, Nrin Vakil

*Ranat: ______, one name (self-chosen), Heavy on: S's, P's & G's, Ex:

*Rodian: _____ or ____ ____ or _____ __ ____, naming custom changes
between different Rodian subraces, anything between one and three given
names are common, Heavy on:  R's, O's, E's & K's, Ex: Greedo, Avaro
Sookcool, Beedo, Navik, Clezo, Gorak Khzam, Griv, Andoorni Hui, Standro

*Saurton: ________, one name (given), Heavy on: S's, T's & I's, Ex:
Miktiss, Ginzet

*Shistaven: ___ _____, names consist of a monosyllabic given name and a
mono- or disyllabic surname, Heavy on: K's, R's, L's,  S's & I's, Ex: Riv
Sheil, Lak Sivrak, Tar Lup, Mal Biron, Kal Lup 

*Squib: _____________________, one incredibly long given name. For the
obvious reasons of simplicity, time constraints, etc... Squibs will most
likely go by a much shorter nickname, Heavy on: S's, L's, R's and Long
(UA, EE) or Short (A, E, I) vowels, Ex: Spilferithimus-narlamos (nickname:
"Spilfer"), Eebareebaveebeedee, Macemillian-winduarte (nickname: "Mace

*Ssi-Ruuk: ___________, like almost all words in their language, Ssi-Ruuvi
(plural of Ssi-Ruuk) names are a long string of high and low sounds that
stand for a phrase or describe an abstract concept.  Heavy on: I's, R's &
extreme high (S, K, F, C) and low (W, R, G, NG-sound) sounding letters,
Ex: Firwirrung, Ivpikkis

*Sullustan:  ____ ____, most given names and all surnames contain 4
letters, Heavy on: vowels, S's & N's, Ex.: Nien Nunb, Sian Tevv, Aril
Nunb, Mian Hoob   

*Trianii: _______, one name (given), Heavy on: vowels, R's & H's, Ex:
Pakka, Atuarre, Keeheen

*Trandshodan: ______, a short, growl-like given name, Heavy on: R's, S's &
TH-sounds, Ex: Bossk, Portha

*Twi'lek: _______'___ or ______ ______, all Twi'leks are given a single
name that resembles "Name'clan".  Due to the dualistic properties [most
words have two or more meanings] of Twi'lek grammar, though, they are
always grouped with a syllable carryover effect (as in Billclin'ton,
pronounced bilclin *pause* ton).  Also, some Twi'leks who leave the
homeworld of Ryloth revert to separate names (as in na	me=Bib
clan=Fortuna).  Heavy on: R's & N's, Ex: Bib Fortuna, Nawara Ven,
Lohk'har, Tru'eb, Tal'dira 

*Ubese: _____, one short name.  A name is given to a Ubese only if the
youth survives to adulthood.  At this time, he is admitted to a clan and
given his name by it.  Heavy on: S's, U's & O's, Ex: Boushh, Savax

*Verpine: _____ or ____ __'__, one name or one name followed by hive name,
Heavy on: S-sounds (Z's, S's, X's, C's), Ex: Zraii, Kyli Ned'lx, Fxz'et  

*Vratix, ______ ___, two names, first of which is a hive name, second is a
given name.  Vratix are a semi-hive intelligence.  Thus, all Vratix refer
to themselves in the plural, and by their hive name (as in one Vratix
saying, "We are pleased to meet you, our name is Qlaeren), Heavy on:
vowels & R's, Ex: Qlaeren Hirf    

*Weequay: Weequay, members of this species have no individual names, they
refer to each other as Weequay, (loosely translated "Son of Quay", their
deity of divinity).  Though this is the case, nameless faces annoy most
humanoids, so they will give them nicknames, and most Weequays except this
but still refuse to use their newfound names, Ex: Weequay (nicknamed

*Whiphid: _'_____ or ______, Much like the Chadra'Fan, the Whiphids have a
duality of naming.  Both genders have one given name.  For males, the
first letter [which is separated from the given name] is an identification
with their hunting pack (the prefix is there, regardless of whether they
still engage in active hunting or not), since only males are allowed to
pack hunt, females do not receive a prefix,  Heavy on: W's, P's & rolling
syllables (r's and l's) Ex: D'Wopp, J'Quille, Valarian

*Wookie: ________, one name, with siblings usually given similiar endings,
Heavy on: W's, H's, R's & Y's, Ex.: Chewbacca, Low-bacca, Lofryyhn,
Snoova, Frorral, Kerritharr

*Yn: _______, one name (given), Yns speak in high squeaky voices and have
an annoying tendency to drop vowels out of words, Heavy on: consonants &
Y's, Ex: Wwebyls  

Humans: number of names customary, examples
Chadrila - 1 or 2, Drayson, Mon Mothma, Kylan DuPre
Corellia - 2 or 3, Crix Madine, Han Solo, Garm Bel Iblis, Wedge Antiiles,
Corran Horn, Sena Leikvold Midanyl
Alderaan - 1 or 2, Leia Organa, Bail Organa, Carlist Rieekan, Bren Derlin,
Afyon, Korren 
Shiffrin - 2, Jak Bremen
Coruscant - 2, Didlen Harleys, Gilad Palleon, Klaus Vandangante, Ysanne
Isard, Benedict Vidkun
Contruum - 2, Pash Cracken, Airen Cracken, Cryle Cavv, Sienn Sconn
Corulag - 1, Page
Tatooine - 2, Luke Skywalker, Biggs Darklighter, Gavin Darklighter, Cole
Fardreamer (many surnames are verb-based)
Mantooine - 1, Brandei
Etti - 1, Wumdi
Rampa - 2, Darsie Vundt
Ylix - 1, Gallandro
Thyferra - 2,   Bror Jace, Erisi Dlarit (There are relatively few major
family names on Thyferra. The competion between the family enterprises is
similiar to Italian Mofia meets Montagues and Capulets.  (The Dlarit's and
the Jace's are the prime businesses, but there are others)
Hapes Prime - 1 or 2, Isoloder, Ta'a Chume
Churba - 2, Kirtan Loor, Dar Keyis
Kalla- 2, Evir Derricote
Adin - 1, Meido
Dathomir - 1, Teneniel, Rell, Damaya, Baritha, Augwynne, Gethzerion,
Dolomar - 2, Keleman Ciro, Noell Ciro
Siluria III - 2, Kaiya Andrimetrum
Salliche - 2, Ranna Gorjaye
Socorran - 1, Firdaaz
Alsakan - 2, Mirkovig Hirken
Lorrd- 4, Hart-and-Parn Gorra-Fiolla of Lorrd [short: Fiolla of Lorrd]
(Lorrdian's have a social/genelogical system of naming.  First hyphenated
pair is the Supporting Fathers [usually Father and Grandfather].  Second
hyphenated pair a given name, first male then female, choosen before
birth.  The common name will be of whichever gender applies, plus "of
Lorrd" when dealing with offworlders)
Roundtree- 1, Rekkon

If All Else Fails............................

1. Try writing names backwards. It's simple but effective. For example, "Harry one" is changed to Enoyrrah (good for a Wookie). Joel changes to Leoj (an excellent Sullustan).

2. If you can't get it straight, make it crooked. You can emblish reversals by taking out letters or adding additional ones (especially the "Heavy on:" letters I noted. I.e. Steven--Nevet (a Rodian? Jawa?); Anne-- Elnna (Chadra'Fan? Whiphid?)

3. Use foriegn dialect. For most Earthlings, halfway across the planet is as alien as halfway across the galaxy. Whose to know? You can pickup translation dictionaries for a little digging and a buck or 2. Try avoiding the Romance Languages (Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese) because most of English is based on them, and they don't seem as faroff. Most German names seem "silly" instead of "exotic" to English speakers. That leaves Oriental, Greek, African, Scandanavian & Native American tongues. For [semi-]instantaneous translations to Finnish, send some words to Zer0.

4. Name Dropping. Name droping is a time honored event in SW, just ask the pros about all of their name "easter eggs." Just don't make it too obvious, or players get annoyed and your sister finds out you named a Hutt in her likeness. ;o) Also, don't try the "I'll just rearrage the letters in Skywalker"approach. Players seem to pick up on character rip-off's fairly quickly, and rarely see them as cute.

5. Remember, SW Humans are human all the same. What if an Old-Republic scout was totally love sick over a some M or Fem back home and he/she was mapping a region? The result is that frankly every major system in the "Robbins" sector is named--in one variation or another--after "Anne Robbins" or things she does or likes. There would be the Shining Hair Nebula, Ord Robbins, AnneMa, Urbanus, KhanRobbins.... The residents of the sector have the same sense of awe of her that Americans have of George Washington. Outsiders hate it becuase they are constantly getting directions mixed up... and now you've got a cheap plot quirk and a naming solution, as in one!

6. "Be" the name. Languages are going to be effected by environment and physiology. If it's a Mon Cal or Quarren, say some names through a glass of water. If it's a Rodian, pucker your lips up and act like Greedo. (the taunting tone of voice even helps!). If it's a big, hulking character, bellow a few times and then start saying words (Your neighbors love this. Try doing it in crowded elevators and subway stations ;o).

7. Make your names "high scoring". Going on the assumption that other languages are usually drastically different from English names (why not? It's nowhere near any and all Earth languages), rare letters may be common on other worlds. So, you need a conversion scale. Here's what you do. Convert a Scrabble (tm Milton-Bradley) board into an Alien language workshop. This can be achieved by flipping the board over. Try making names that are high scoring yet plausibly pronounceable. If you don't have a scrabble board, here's the scoring system: {A, E, I, L, N, O, R, S, T, U}=1 -- {D, G}=2 -- {B, C, M, P}=3 -- {F, H, V, W, Y}=4 -- {K}=5 -- {J, X}=8 -- {Q, Z}=10

---- For External Use only, if symptoms increase, discontinue use and consult your physcian... ---- :o)