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From: Chris Noland

Here's a little system I've worked out for quirks one may or may not find aboard a used ship. Let me know what you think.

Roll 1D6 to determine number of quirks, and then roll again to see which catagory (or choose based on what has been modified), and roll once more to determine specific quirk. Some of these assume that you take time to charge weapons and shields. We assume 2 rounds, you can use whatever you like.

Quirked Area:

  1. Laser/Ion Cannon
  2. Sublight drive
  3. Hyperdrive
  4. Shields
  5. Manueverability
  6. Miscellaneous

-1. Laser/Ion cannons

  1. Drains power from randomly determined system. Pick six systems, assign each a number, roll every time the PC's charge their weapons.
  2. Fire control fails with a 1 on wild die on to hit roll. Weapon must be repaired, and will probably do it again if the PC's don't think to specifically fix that.
  3. Roll D6 every time weapon is fired. Even: +1D to damage, Odd: -1D. These are cumulative. If damage ever drops to 0 weapon fails and can not be repair, if reaches +50% damage weapon overloads and causes 4D of damage (weapon's scale) to ship and another 4D (character) to the gunner.
  4. Takes twice as long to charge weapon system
  5. Can not engage hyperdrive while weapon is charged.
  6. No quirk


-2. Sublight drive

  1. Loses one from space rating every time sublight drive is activated.
  2. Can not make more than 2 moves/round.
  3. When making more than one move, drains power from random system (see 1 from laser section).
  4. Overheats in two rounds if making 3 or more moves. Must be powered down and allowed to cool for 3 rounds or more. If not allowed to cool, 1 on wild die results in drive going critical (goes boom).
  5. Stolen. The drive's transpoder code is registered as stolen.
  6. No quirk.


-3. Hyperdrive

  1. Must be serviced after every 2 jumps (200 if PC does himself, 600 if he takes to a shop).
  2. Roll D6 every jump. Even: +.5, Odd: -.5. Non-cumulative.
  3. Hyperdrive backup does not function.
  4. Run down. Works 2D6 more times before going out completely, must be replaced at that point.
  5. Nav computer does not detect mass shadows. Ship will collide with uncharted bodies, but can escape interdictors and planets without having to fly out of range.
  6. No quirk.


-4. Shields

  1. Will not cover a certain fire arc. Determine randomly.
  2. Shields bleed out excess power, +1D+2 to opponent's fire control.
  3. Shields take double time to charge.
  4. Roll D6 each time charged, Even: +1, Odd: -1, cumulative. If reaches zero stops working and can not be fixed. If reaches +50% shields blow doing their diecode of damage +2D to ship's hull.
  5. Can not enter hyperspace when shields are charged.
  6. No quirks.


-5. Maneuverability

  1. Controls are reversed
  2. Fails when making more than two moves.
  3. Does not work in atmosphere
  4. Roll D6 every time ship is powered up, Even: +1D, Odd: -1D. Changes next time ship is powered up. Non-cumulative.
  5. After three 1's on wild die to Pilot or Dodge thrusters malfunction and ship may only go in straight line.
  6. No quirk


-6. Miscellaneous

  1. No escape pods.
  2. Sensor resistant compartment PC's do not know about. Contains something of GM's determination (based on previous owner).
  3. Waste disposal unit does not function.
  4. Preflight sequence takes twice as long.
  5. Corroded hull, -1 to die code every time ship is successfully hit. Cumulative.
  6. No quirk.


Feel free to change these to suit your tastes or campaign. If you come up with any new sections, let me know.