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SWRPG Drinking Rules

So far, two different sets of drinking rules have appeared on the SWRPG mailing list. I've listed both of them below, side-by-side so you can compare them easily and decide which one you like best for use in your game. Alcoholic drinks are rated with a "damage code" like weapons and damage is rolled according to normal game mechanics. Qualls has provided an extensive list of drinks and damage codes for use with either set of rules below.

David Lucas's original Drinking damage table
0-3Mildly Intoxicated.
Treat as stunned for
1D * 10 minutes.
4-8Drunk. Treat as
9-12Wasted. -2D to all
11-13Passed out. Treat as
14+Alcohol poisoning. Damage
carries over to real damage
table, resist at full STR
The SW:RPG list's
2nd Edition drinking rules
0-5Buzzed: -1D x30 minutes
6-10Drunk: -2D+2 x1 hour
11-15Hammered: -3D+1 x1.5 hours
16-20Wasted: -3D+2 x3 hours
21-25Plowed: incapacitated, but may be
resuscitated by artificial means.
-4Dx6 hours
26-30Passed out: incapacitated, but may be
resuscitated. -5D x8 hours
31+Alcohol Poisoning: +1 Wound level for
every 5 points damage roll > stamina roll.

Amount of damage equals: how much the drink damage > the character's Stamina or STR roll. The character may roll using Stamina if s/he has that skill, otherwise use STR.


I seem to recall reading somewhere that while a certain drink was alright for a particular species, it was lethal to others. How do you work damage codes on say, a human drinking a gamorrean drink?


The damage codes are constant. Just like blasters or chairlegs, drinks inflict the same amount of damage on all characters, unless otherwise specifically noted in Special Abilities. That isn't to say, though, a drink can't affect different species in different ways. If a drink lethally interacts with the enzymes of a certain species, note it in the drink's Special Abilities and it becomes law. Typically, though, that humanoids' anatomies are usually very similiar. The reason why a Gamorean drink is stronger than a human drink is simply because Gamoreans on average are stronger.
thanks to MikeK for answering that one...