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Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998
From: "Eric S. Trautmann"
Subject: Stock Ships Errata from WEG

As promised, here's the photocopy percentages to use the deckplans in Stock Ships with the Star Wars Miniatures Battles rules:

Stock Ships Errata-

Due to a printing error, the photocopy percentage (to make the ship deck plans scaled to Star Wars Miniatures Battles) was ommitted. The following percentages should suffice:

Lantillian Short Hauler:160%
Starwind-class Pleasure Yacht:285%
Starfeld Z-10 Seeker:120%
Corellian YT-2400:150%
Corellian XS-800:170%
Hyrotil Crescent:170%
Kazellis Light Freighter:190%
Nova-Drive 3-Z:240%
Rendili-Surron Starlight Freighter:310%
Suwantek Systems' TL-1800:150%
Starfeld ZH-25 Questor:130%
Corellian HT-2200:300%
Barloz-class Medium Freighter:240%
Surronian L19 Light Freighter:300%
Mon Cal Deepwater Freighter:260%

* Note: These percentages are approximations, for ease of use. For more precise figures, use the following formula:

  • Ship's Length in Meters divided by 2.
  • Divide the result by the length of the ship (in inches) on the actual map.
  • Multiply the result by 100. The final result is the percentage to set a photocopier to enlarge the map to 25mm scale.

Sorry for the error, folks.

Eric Trautmann