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SWRPG Articles

I asked the SWRPG mailing list for information on SWRPG articles published in non-WEG sources. Boy, did I get a reply! Thanks, Heywood!

From: Mark Hudson far as I know there has only been one SWRPG article in 'Dragon', 'The Dragon Project: The Galaxy Dragon' from the December 1993 issue (#200, I think). There was also a Star Wars adventure in the first issue of the short lived magazine 'Adventures Unlimited.'

The Polyhedron listing is complete and the Challenge listing probably complete, although it's possible one or two articles were slipped through the cracks.

SW:RPG Articles from 'Challenge'
issue #titlecapsule (if known)
32 "Alone Against the Empire" A solitaire adventure.
35 "Team Recovery" The PCs must evacuate a Rebel listening post hidden on a frozen, mountainous planet. Also includes stats and deck plans for a light interstellar shuttle.
35 "The H-Wing Strike Fighter" Stats and history of the Rebellion's new heavy fighter.
37 "Wookiees Amok" The PCs must rescue some Wookiees and Mon Cal from the Imperial prison planet of Branth.
38 "Starfighters Down" During an assault on a crippled SSD, the PCs' ship crash lands on the swamp world of Phaylenn.
40 "Blaster Weapons of the Rebel Alliance"
41 "Paid in Full"
43 "On the Dark Side" Advice for playing Imperial characters.
43 "The Nuns of G'aav'aar'oon" Imperial PCs are ordered to assassinate the Mother Superior of a Gamorrean convent. Then their troubles really begin.
44 "Jet Packs"
46 "Imperial Research Station 13" Something unspeakable killed everyone on the station. It's still hungry.
47 "The Rebel Air Force: Combat Airspeeders" Stats for the 'Walker Buster Airspeeder' and the 'Tachyon Airspeeder'.
56 "Power Suits!" Powered armor and how to use it.
57 "Green Squad 3"
58 "Battle for Mandalore" A 'Star Wars Miniatures Battles' scenario set during the fall of the Old Republic.
60 "Character Templates" Repulsorlift Racer, Cyborg, Rebel Scum, Displaced Entrepreneur, and Prodigy.
61 "Rogue Metal" The KLR-B1's programming was more flawed than its designers ever realized. Until it was too late.
62 "Encumbrance"
63 "Talents" Rules for fleshing out PCs' skills and backgrounds.
64 "Limping Lady" The price of the PCs' new ship is just a little too good to be true. An adventure by 'Adventure Journal' editor Peter M. Schweighofer.
65 "Shadow"
66 "Disturbance"
67 "Buried Treasure" The Alliance wants it. The Empire wants it. Pirates want it too. The PCs found it.
68 "Parts is Parts" PCs in the Minos Cluster have 6 hours to find 3000 credits.
70 "Bantha Cannon" On the iceworld of Entooine, someone is hunting the sacred Blue Bantha for its tusks.
72 "Ananuru Express" Rebel PCs are assigned to purchase a stolen Imperial datachip which is being auctioned on a luxury monorail train.
73 "New Character Templates" Six lighthearted templates: Gentle Gamorrean, Yearning Farmhand, Ugor Trash Collector, etc. Also includes stats and deck plans for a stock light freighter.
74 "HoloNet Waystation" PCs must retrieve some components from an abandoned HoloNet Waystation over Tatooine. Also includes background and deck plans of the station.
76 "Death by Triflexia" A possible outbreak of a deadly disease threatens a small Rebel Base.
77 "Pandora's Box" The PCs come across a damaged bulk freighter adrift in space. Onboard the relic, PCs must deal with surviving droids vainly attempting to repair the ship and the alien virus which killed the crew.

SW:RPG Articles from 'Polyhedron'
issue #titlecapsule (if known)
59 "Unsung Heroes of the Rebellion"New Rogues Gallery
68 "Iron Hands, Captive Hearts"Pirate NPCs
86 "Gadgets Galore"
93 "Crystal Web Space Station"
97 "Adversaries"
99 "Lightsabers and the Force"
100 "The Tyaonon Ranger"
103 "Prophets of the Dark Side"
104 "Dangers from the Dark Side"
108 "What's So Bad About the Dark Side?"
83 Milk Run
86 "The New Republic Campaign" Pre-Endor adventure detailing how the 2nd Death Star was discovered.
90 "The New Republic Campaign" Endor adventure, PC's participate in the battle of Endor.
94 "The Luminous Bantha"