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Qualls has divided his "Alcoholic Beverages" collection into two separate lists, Mixed Drinks and Beers and Laagers. Currently, we have the name of the drink and its strength code. I'd like to find a way to establish a pricing system for the drinks. There's the germ of an idea sliding around in my head that may yet step forth as a full-fledged system, so stay tuned. Until then, I'm open to suggestions.

Mixed Drinks

(a drink is a little more than a shot, unless otherwise noted)
Drink:Strength:Cost Category
Dorian Quill3D/drink
Lumni Spice Blend2D+2/drink
Ord Mantellian Spice1D+2/drink
The Exterminator5D/drink
Dune 1D/drink
Orange Crash1D+2/drink
Vaders Bane2D+2/drink
It's ... green!8D+2/drink
Shit happens22D/drink
Rancors Spit6D/drink
Sarlacc Drool15D/drink
Wampa Blood5D/drink
Space Slug Dust12D/drink
Hoth Asteroid4D/drink
Eth fire water2D+2/drink
Hoojib's Revenge1D/drink (you here voices in your head)
Renan Irongut+2/sip, 2D/guzzle
Renan Wine2D/sip, 5D/guzzle
Elshandruu Pica Thundercloud1D/drink
Pink Lizard Thunderbolt1D+1/drink
StarShine Suprize3D/drink
Tatooine Sunburn5D/drink
Tatooine Sunrise10D/drink
the Reactor Core1D/thimble full (narcotic hallucinagin)
Reactor Core Generator7D/thimble full (narcotic hallucinagin)
Corellian Whiskey1D+2/drink
Corellian Brandy1D+1/drink
Corellian Wine1D-1/drink
Savareen Brandy1D/drink
Cassandran Choholl1D+2/drink
Cassandran Brandy3D/drink
Horstberry Brandy1D/drink
KyLessian Fruit Distillate1D+1/drink
Orryxian CatsBlood2D/drink
Spice Liquor1D+2/drink
Narcolethe (Mandalore)2D+1/drink
Narcolethe Brandy1D+2/drink
Necr'ygor Omic Wine1D/drink
Flameout1D(1st rd) +2(2nd rd) +1(3rd)/drink
T'iil T'ill Wine1D+1/drink
Dentarian Ripples+1/drink
OndoLava Wine1D/drink
Utozz (Elrood)1D+2/drink
Merisee Smooth1D+2/drink (a Utozz Brand)
Krilliz (Elrood)+2/drink
Chazzian Bubble Brew2D/drink (shake & cork shoot)
Sullustan Gin2D+2/shot
Old Janx Spirit3D/drink (-1D to force abilities/drink)
Rydonnian Spice Wine1D/drink (a narcotic agent)
Socorran Raava2D/drink
Rummy Tonic +2/drink
Wookiee-Wango3D+2/drink (a guzzle is a drink)
Thunder Cloud2D/drink
Pica Thunder Cloud2D+2 drink
Day Wanga Ale2D+2/Drink
Hyperspace Suprise3D+1/drink
L'an Claf'rok Gin2D+1/drink
Ytamirian Spice Gin2D+1/drink
Star Racer+2/drink
Vaschean Rye1D/drink
Fish Water3D+1/drink
Fuzzy Navel10D/drink
Red Ksaa 2D/drink
Remote Terminator6D/drink
Randoni Yellow Plague7D+2/drink
Veronian Berry Wine1D/drink
Ryden Brew2D/drink
the Meltdown1D+2/drink (narcotic hallucinagin)

Beers & Laagers

(a drink = a 12 oz glass, unless noted otherwise)
Drink:Strength:Cost Category:
Dantic+1/drink, 1D/pitcher
Lum3D/drink (a drink is a pitcher for Lum)
Spiced Lum2D+2/drink (highly addictive)
Wookiee Lum1D/drink, 4D/pitcher
Rodian Ale1D=2/drink
Skannbult Likker+1/drink
Fox Beer+1/drink
Ryll Beer+1/drink
Thuris Stout+2/drink
Smuggler's Ale1D+1/drink
Gingenny Grog1D/drink
Harmon Kizzlebrew1D+1/drink
Kenley's Lager1D/drink
BendBelly Dark1D/drink
WEG Brew +1/drink
Vintage Bespin Port+2/drink
Ottegan Mead1D+1/drink (almost syrupy)
(various) spicebeers/laugers+2/drink
Ebla Beer1D/drink
Novanian Grog1D+1/drink
Bibit Beer+2/drink
Forvish Ale+2/drink
Snike Brew+1/drink
Cragg Nectar2D/drink ("zima"-like)
Vistulo Brand Ale+2/drink
Kishae Brand Ale+1/drink (watered down taste)
Corellian Ale1D/drink
Corellian Rum2D+2/drink
Gravdinian Ale1D/drink
La Fin Du Monde +1/drink
Mantellian Microbrew 1D+1/drink (Wedge was drinking on Endor)
Ryden Brew1D/drink
Menzarane Gold Ale1D/drink
Bantha Blaster Ale1D+2/drink
Polaris Ale1D/drink
Chagarian Ale1D+1/drink
Kessel Spice Ale2D/drink (hallucinagenic-spice spiders)
Endor's 51D/drink
Preserved "10-Year" Ale2D+2/drink
Red Dewback2D/drink
Coruscant Ale2D+1/drink
Baruim Frizzes1D+2/drink
Frosty Suphlates2D/drink
Reban Cook1D+2/drink
Voronian Ale1D/drink
Osskorn Stout1D/drink
Toga Blaine3D/drink