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The Exhaustive Wizard

Magick in the D6 System

The works that follow draw heavily upon the materials available in print for the AD&D game system by TSR and the GURPS system by Steve Jackson Games. It is difficult to find a direction in which to go that one of these two systems has not yet visited. In some ways, I have done little more than convert these existing materials from their original system into a form usable with the D6 system. At times, however, I have had to radically alter parts in order to get the concept to snugly fit into the mechanics of D6. All in all there are lots of choices and variations to choose from. And that is, I think, as it should be.

Table of Contents

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Material herein has found inspiration in (but in no way limited to) the works published for GURPS, AD&D, and D6 and in the fan-based works of Sir Lamorak, Mike Bently, Chris Lupton, Maurice Forrester, and others I probably forgot.