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Specialist Mages

Schools of Specialization
SpecializationOpposed Schools
AbjurationAlteration, Illusion
AlterationAbjuration, Necromancy
Conjuration/SummoningDivination, Invocation/Evocation
Enchantment/CharmInvocation/Evocation, Necromancy
Illusion/PhantasmNecromancy, Invocation/Evocation, Abjuration
Invocation/EvocationEnchantment/Charm, Conjuration/Summoning
Necromancy Illusion, Enchantment/Charm
Dimensional Enchantment/Charm, Necromantic
ForceAlteration, Divination
MentalistInvocation/Evocation, Necromantic
ShadowInvocation/Evocation, Abjuration
AlchemyIllusion, Necromancy
ArtificeNecromancy, Enchant/Charm
GeometryEnchant/Charm, Illusion
SongNecromancy, Divination, Invocation/Evocation

The following option is tailored toward campaigns using the Ranked Magicks approach. It parallels in many instances the "Colleges" approach while still retaining a distinctive flavor.

Mages command a staggering arsenal of spells with a wide range of effect. Many have opted to concentrate their energies into specific fields, known as "schools," in order to improve their mastery of the arcane forces. In game terms, this option has certain desirable advantages, the first being bonus spell-points if that system is used.

The other advantage is that a mage character can improve s/his ability with a certain category of spells independently of s/his ability with other spells of comparable levels. This does not give a specialist mage the ability to use spells beyond the levels s/he knows, nor does it allow the mage to use spells s/he doesn't know. It *does* replace the Cast X Rank Spells score when casting spells of that level which belong to the school the wizard has specialized in.

Gary plays Vin Gygrax, a mage specialized in Abjuration magicks. Vin's spell-casting abilities are Cast Abjuration Magicks - 5D, Cast 1st Rank Spells - 4D, and Cast 2nd Rank Spells - 3D. Vin may cast any Abjuration spells listed on his character sheet at 5D. Even though Protection From Normal Missiles is an Abjuration spell, Vin cannot cast it since it is a 3rd Rank spell and Vin cannot cast spells of that Rank yet.

The primary drawback to specialization is that a mage loses access to spells of "opposed schools."

A Specialization is bought and advanced as a regular skill. The dice invested in a Cast Specialized Magicks are not added when calculating a mage's level for spell-points.

Mages wishing to specialize may pick one school from the table. Opposed schools are listed alongside, as well.

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