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Magic By Ranks

This system is essentially a direct conversion of the basic AD&D magic-user approach.

In this model, spells are catalogued according to the level of power of the spell. Mages taught in this type system tend to have a much broader range of spells, able to affect a much greater selection of subjects. Spell-casting skill is listed as Cast Xth Rank Spell on a character-sheet. A spell must be specifically listed before a mage can attempt to cast it, unless casting the spell from a tome or scroll.

If a spell has a component that varies by rank of the casting mage, the rank is determined by using the number of dice the mage has invested in casting spells of that Spell-Rank, not counting any pips. For example:

Terrian Windshaper has Cast 2nd Rank spells with a current skill of 6D, resulting from his Magery of 3D and having invested another 3D in the skill. This gives him a rank of 3 in 2nd Rank spells

Katia Longlocks has Cast 2nd Rank spells with a current skill of 3D+2 in the "mana-sensitive" pattern. Her current level in 2nd-Rank spells is 3 since she has no attribute to adjust for and since pips are discounted.

As a base system,the first spell of each level starts out as a Very Easy skill-check. The difficulty of each subsequent spell of that Rank is increased by +5 in addition to any other applicable modifiers. This system may be replaced by using one of the spell-system options presented.

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