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Reduced Rituals
ritual uses:difficulty
soft speech+2
no speech+4
no gestures+4
no foot

Mystical incantations, complex hand motions, specific foot movements. These are the things most people think of when the subject turns to rituals. Depending on the circumstances, a mage may want to be a little less obvious in s/his use of ritual - or may in fact be unable to use certain parts of a ritual (such as while tied up). By reducing or eliminating parts of a spell's ritual, a mage will increase the difficulty number of the spell s/he has to roll against, but may gain that extra shred of life-saving versatility.

Conversely, a wizard can increase s/his dice-pool by enhancing the ritual. By doubling the time required for casting, speaking loudly, and gesturing emphatically, the wizard gains +1D to the appropriate spell ability.

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