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Magic By College

This system is essentially a direct conversion of the basic GURPS wizard approach.

This approach to organizing and cataloging spells groups spells of similar focus into categories called "Colleges." The spells represented in a College may vary widely in power and tend to follow fairly prescribed learning sequences. Mages must have a spell actually recorded on their character sheet to use it (save for special conditions like casting from a tome or scroll).
A number of options, such as spell-points and fatigue checks, can be used in place of this increasing difficulty.
Spells in a college begin at a difficulty of Very Easy, increasing in difficulty each time that spell is used per day. The #D of the "ruling" spell group is rolled against that difficulty. Spell difficulties are subject to other applicable modifiers, such as the "Distance Modifiers" table.

The Colleges listed in the table below will eventually be linked so that you can click on one and be taken to a spell-list for that College.
Air Air Earth Earth
Mind ControlAirEnchantmentEarth
Protection/WarningAirBody ControlEarth
Fire FireHealingWater
Illusion & ControlFireAnimalWater

The Meta-spells college is accessible by all affinities.

The list of magickal spell-colleges are listed above with the metaphysical "ruler" of each alongside. This "ruler" can be used in conjunction with the first "customizing option" listed under Options - "Affinity Families."

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