D6 Resources

The Exhaustive Wizard
my efforts at compiling a variety of magic systems for use in the D6 family of systems, some of which draw heavily from people and pages you'll find listed in the links-section below
Alternate character creation rules
originally written up by Matt Adshead for SWRPG, I've modified it a touch to fit other D6 settings
Alternate skills-use rules
another Adshead creation
"I should know this..."
a sample of how to play or run a PC with amnesia
Shrugging off the hits
tables of armor and shields along with thoughts on how they slow you down

Other sites of great use:

West End Games
the folks who started it all; on-line catalog
WEDGE Central
unofficial support-site for the family of WEG D6 games
AD&D Downloads
out of print stuff TSR is making available free to the online community (various modules, the Castles Guide, etc)
Sir Lamorak's Web Page
a fair bit of stuff, including how to convert an AD&D campaign into the D6 system