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TypeDef BonusSpeedCost*Notes
Bone+1D+2-1D+264May be worn by Spellcasters
Cloth+1-18May be worn by spellcasters
Furs+2-216No good for hot weather
Hide+1D+1-1D+156May be worn by spellcasters
Leather+2-216May be worn by spellcasters
Hvy Plate+4D-4D192
St Leather+1D-1D48
TypeDef BonusSpeedCost*Notes
Tower+2D-1D96May not be used for attack
* Cost is determined by multiplying the maximum possible defense bonus by 8.


Customizing Armor

Better armor is faster, but costs more. For this custom armor, multiply the "base" cost by 5 + the number of Speed pips removed. For example, if you want Heavy Plate with no Speed penalty, you must pay to have 12 pips removed. The cost will be (5 + 12) x 192, or 3264. Custom Leather armor (Speed penalty -1) would cost (5 + 1) x 16, or 96.

Custom suits of armor are made especially for the wearer, so while others may wear it, they will not gain the speed benefits. Likewise, the fair market value is not what the original cost was, but is based on a "normal" suit of the same type.

Shields may not be customized, though some magical shields may exist that negate some or all of the speed penalty. Likewise some magic armor may exist which actually makes the wearer faster while wearing it.

"Stronger isn't faster, just not as slow"

Those that have a Strength greater than 2D+2, may ignore a number of pips of Speed Penalty equal to twice the number of pips of Strength they have in excess of 2D+2. For example, Conan the teenager has a Strength of 4D that's 4 pips beyond a Strength of 2D+2. Therefore, he may ignore 8 pips of Speed Penalty, bringing his Greatsword (Speed penalty -1D+1) down to a speed penalty of 0. Conan has 4 pips "left over" to "spend" reducing the Speed Penalty from any armor or shield he may be wearing.

Strength will not allow a character to wield a weapon any faster though. No matter what Conan's Strength, he could not turn a Speed Penalty into a Speed Bonus without magic to aid him.

Using shields

Anyone may use a shield against one opponent and gain the full defense bonus. Those with Shield skill may use a shield against multiple attacks by making a skill roll: vs 2 opponents, Easy; vs 3 opponents, Difficult; vs 4 opponents Heroic. Failing the roll means the shield bonus is only good against one opponent.

In addition, those with Shield skill may use shields as weapons. They still suffer the multiple action penalty if they attack with their normal weapon in the same round. The weapon damage bonus of striking someone with a shield is equal to the defense bonus of the shield. For example, a medium shield does STR + 1D damage.