Part II - Using Skills

Consider a Character with the following stats...

Demolitions: 4D
And now consider his team-mate...

According to the rules, both these Characters would be able to roll 4D when planting explosives against the same difficulty target. I'm not convinced that someone who hasn't got the Demolitions skill would know how to plant explosives. So, what I do is increase the difficulty level by 1 (i.e. add 5 to the target) if the character is rolling his attribute rather than his skill. Does anyone agree that this makes sense?

And on the opposite side of the coin, if anyone uses a specialisation, rather than the skill, I tend to drop the difficulty level by 1, or for really common things like shooting Blasters, only drop the target by 2 or 3, to reflect the Character's familiarisation with his weapon. This way of doing things tends to work really well with the character creation system above, and makes the players think about what skills their characters are going to need instead of randomly picking a few out of the book.

Another option which I tried, with little success, is to stop Characters doing things unless they had the skill to do it with. Has anyone else tried this, and with any success? (Unfortunately, when I tried it, one of my Characters hadn't got 'Dodge' (although his Dex was at 4D), and kept getting shot...).

- Matt