Part I - Character Creation

This character creation system is based on that found in the Shadowrun role-playing game. It uses a priorities system, which breaks down into four levels ranging from A (most important) to D (least important). There are also four categories of ability: Attributes, Skills, Character Points and Credits. By assigning priorities to the categories, the player indicates which of the character's abilities are most important and which are less so. In other words, a character who assigns priority A to the Attributes category is saying that attributes are the most important aspect of that character. If priority A was assigned to Skills, then the character's skills would be his most important aspect.

Each of the four priorities must be assigned to one of the four categories. They can be assigned in any manner. The following description of each category also describes the results of assigning the priorities to that category.


The priority assigned to this category determines how many attribute dice the player may distribute to the character's attributes. The higher the priority assigned, the greater the number of dice available. The dice provided here are in addition to the normal number given to the character's species (e.g. Humans would receive 12 + the number given here). If using all of the attribute dice would result in the character's attributes going over the species' maximum, then any remaining dice can be used to enhance the character's skills.

Priority A gives 10D, priority B 6D, priority C 4D, priority D 2D.


As with attributes, the priority assigned here provides a certain number of dice to be distributed among the character's starting skills. The character can choose any skill from the attributes and skills section of the rulebook (except advanced skills such as Medicine). Each skill chosen must have at least 1 pip from the skill dice assigned to it to raise it above the attribute level.

* Specialisations *
If the player wants the character to have specialised skills, then use the following rules:

In this category, priority A provides 11D, priority B gives 7D, priority C 5D, priority D only 3D.

Character Points

Character points received by assigning a priority to this category cannot be used to advance skills during character creation. They are to provide the character with a head-start in the character advancement phases of a campaign.

Priority A gives a character 15 CPs, priority B gives 10 CPs, priority C provides 7 CPs, whereas priority D gives 4 CPs.


To purchase weapons / equipment during character creation, the player selects the item and pays the cost listed next to the item. However, no player may start the game with any equipment marked 'Not Available For Sale', or with any item whose availability is 4. Also, any character wishing to own an item with an availability of 3 must be able to justify owning that item to the GM.

* Ships / Vehicles *
Characters may purchase ships / vehicles as they would equipment, but are not allowed to purchase military ships. If no cost can be found for a ship, then the final decision rests with the GM.

* Starting Money *
Any unspent credits translate to money available during the game at a 10:1 ratio. If, after character generation, a character had 15,000 credits left, that character would start the game with 1,500 credits. All characters also start with 3D x 1,000 credits on top of any money left over.

Assigning priority A will give a character 400,000 Credits, priority B provides 90,000 Credits, priority C only 5,000 Credits, whilst priority D only gives a character 500 Credits to spend.

Histories (Optional)

At the player's option, any character may be given a 'history' during character creation. This 'history' can be either good or bad, and of varying degrees. Players should choose a 'history' from the table below. In exchange for the 'history', the character either receives some form of bonus, or pays some form of penalty. These bonuses and penalties can be in the form of Attribute or Skill dice, or Credits. The character receives / pays only one type of bonus / penalty, and may only have one 'history'. The 'histories' provided below are only examples, and players should be free to provide their own 'history' to the GM, either receiving or paying an appropriate bonus / penalty.

Write up some interesting fantasy-appropriate histories...

Master Character Creation Table
C4D 5D75,000