Wherever you go, players are going to want to push the envelope. It never hurts to have a few rules handy for those situations.

house rules:
dice-based sabacc
well, that's what the author of this system calls it - I'd call it something else; either way, its great for those gambler-type players
"Pick yer poison, Flyboy..."
a really big list of inebriating drinks
"I'm not as think as you drunk I am!"
two sets of rules covering what those drinks do to characters

On Location

Sorry, nothing in this chapter yet...


Sorry, nothing in this chapter yet...

Life and Living...

The Star Wars Name Gazetteer & Compendium
name that character - a massive guide to naming a character based on the race
Kick-start tips
great for races not covered in the SWNG&C
Character creation with a twist
a new option for creating characters
Do's and Don't's
of making a new character
Useful Skills
there's more to a PC than blaster and dodge
Using Skills
optional rules on skill usage vs. attribute usage
"I should know this..."
a sample of how to play or run a PC with amnesia

...And Fighting and Dying

New Hit Location Table
Some hits hurt worse than others.
"Yer wearin' me out..."
an expanded fatigue system


Fixer's Tale
an obsolete droid gets a new lease on life


PCs seem to thrive on "stuff" - weapons, tools, survival gear - it seems they are always looking for just the "right thing" to make their lives of adventure easier. This goes for gaming groups, as well - Gms and players spend time looking for "just the right thing" to make their gaming easier and more enjoyable. In this chapter, you'll find articles not just full of stats on equipment for use "in-game" as well as "out of game" - things like props and miniatures that can be used to enhance gaming sessions.

includes a break-down of the miniatures WEG originally offered in "boxed sets;" some good info on how to use mini's in a game-session
verbal descriptions don't always work - players sometimes need something more physical to examine in the course of a game


Sorry, nothing in this chapter yet...


What would Star Wars be without spaceships?

a collection of ship stats and deckplans
Stock Ships errata
here's the table that was missing from WEG's book of tramp freighters
The Far Orbit Project
a product ad/review of a WEG book
"She's kinda tempermental..."
nothing's ever perfect - particularly not second-hand starships
"What's that flashing red light?"
when something goes wrong, give it a name
"Lock S-Foils in attack position!"
why have s-foils without a game-mechanic that uses them?

graphics on this page courtesy Ron McClung and Hooly