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Primarily, this section is going to be a resource for games that I actually play, rather than attempting to be a "comprehensive" resource for everything out there.

by West End Games
by West End Games

Dungeon Crafter tiles

If you don't have the Dungeon Crafter tile-based map-maker, GO GET IT!!! Yes, I'm shouting. Yes, it's that good. Ok, I *would* prefer the ability to enlarge maps of building interiors so that one square is an inch across. That's ok, I'll wait for them to finish DC2, which, as I understand it, *will* enlarge thusly. In the meantime, I can live with smaller maps.

The greatest thing about DC is how easy it is to use. A *very* close second is how easy it is to add new tiles to the system. In fact, here's a new tileset here! Southerncowgirl from the DC Forums has lept (leaped? leapt? leapted?) into the fray with an entirely new base set of tiles, called "Sandstone" which you can see to the right. At my request, she even made a couple of horses on the Abandoned Cathedral base tiles! This will become important when I get my "Stronghold Builder's Guidebook" tiles posted - after all, nothing says "This is a stable" like having an identifiable *HORSE* in one of the stalls! Click on the graphic to download the zipfile of tiles.

COMING SOON: "Stronghold Builder's Guidebook" tiles - wherein I personally pervert many a good tile of others to serve my own nefarious purposes!

links to other game-system sites that I've found useful or interesting

Wizards of the Coast
- publishers of the Magic: The Gathering collectable card game, D&D, Alternity, Dragon mag, Dungeon mag, and lots of other stuff
- out of print TSR stuff is available free to the online community (various modules, the Castles Guide, etc) under the "Treasure" heading; also loads of OOP material available for downloading for a modest (try $2.95) fee from the "Online Store"
Traveller Deckplans Webring Home Page
one of the primo places to start if you need deckplans and can write the stats to fit your favorite game-system
The Trap Page
hosts the net.plot books of adventure sketches and has a section on various tricks and traps and how to implement them; for fantasy and sci-fi games alike