Siddown, spacer, and have a drink. Yer new to The Outlands, aren't yah? You've got that look about you, that "gawky tourist" look. Bet this is yer first trip into the Boryla Sector, too. You can find just about anything hereabouts, iffen you look hard enough. We've got official Imperial Decrees, Rebel Transmissions, and, well, the less-savory sorts, too. So look around - but remember to keep yer credits close and yer blaster closer.

Welcome to my SW:RPG page! Most of the material on this page comes from the SWRPG mailing list run by "Empress" Jae Walker. If you are interested in subscribing, plese check out Mark Hudson's SWRPG FAQ for instructions. The mailing list is dedicated to the SW:RPG as published by West End Games - the future of which is still unclear. They produce(d?) a number of fine products besides SW:RPG, but you'll have to look for info on those games elsewhere, since I don't play them (yet!). A number of (former) WEG staff-people and free-lancers habit the list, so it's a good place to get "official" answers to game-related questions.

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The SWRPG 'list has a *lot* of traffic flowing through it, from stats to rule variants, from GM suggestions to adventure ideas - there's even the occasional run of fan-based fiction. I try to snag the stuff I find to be useful or interesting and work it up to include here. As my collection of material has grown, simply presenting it in a "files list" format has become unacceptable to my aesthetic sense. Drawing on the examples of several other gamers with SWRPG sites, I've reorganized The Outlands into the Boryla Sector Sourcebook. Now admittedly, this isn't your typical sector sourcebook - there's loads of "out of game" files here, like how to name characters, how to pick skills for them, how to use props in a game, and other things like that. Sure, as I detail the Boryla Sector for my gaming group, it will find its way to this site, but I felt the structure of a sourcebook would make local navigation somewhat more "instinctive," as well as more graphically interesting. At any rate, it sure beats a list of links with no order to them whatsoever.

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