This world is an uncertain realm, fraught with perils. You do your best to stack the deck in your favor. We're here to help. Our products are designed with your safety and satisfaction in mind. You see, our goal at Bayou Motor Carriage is your satisfaction, not just your safety. In fact, once one of our designs becomes a part of your family, we don't think you'll ever worry about safety again. After all, you've got other things to worry about. Going places, doing things, and looking good through it all. From bachelors to big families, from the dragstrip to the main drag - live your life in style and safety.

Browse our online catalog for the vehicle to fit your lifestyle then contact our nearest sales agent to arrange delivery right to your door.

Bayou Motor Carriage -
Staying up late worrying about your family's safety - so you don't have to.

Virtual Showroom

Duelling Vehicles

Road and Racing Vehicles

a classy streetrod version of the Wight



Military AFVs

Tank icons
an expansion of J-Man's awesome record-sheet graphics for Tanks, including H-D and Giant power plants and gas engines and GC, HRR, HAC, TG90, TG10, TG12, TG14 - regular and long-barrel
Lee TM-7 MBT
MBT designed for high-survivability and a heavy punch

Military History

Civilian Action
My efforts at building forces to fit the scenario in CW:Aeroduel

Car Wars*Steve Jackson Games*AADA

Waiting on your car to get out of the shop? Check out the selections on our reading rack...

Tire & Turret ezine
a Canadian ezine, specializing in vehicular reviews
Seeker's car pool
some homemade vehicles, all marked as *untested*
Guy's Car Wars web pages
massive product listing/reviews of all Car Wars products published
Tampa Wrecking Crew
a very light-hearted look at one group's Car Wars games - very well-written and informative, too

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