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The SWMB Hasbro Update

Isn't there always a story? This one starts out with a gamer discovering a stash of old Kenner Star Wars toys that included two Mini-Rigs. The toys were in rough shape - seems a wild animal had used the weapon-barrels to ease teething pains. Along comes eBay and the rediscovery of the extent of the Mini-Rig line and other similar vehicles. Gamer + "cool toys" = match made ... well, somewhere.

Since the Star Wars Miniatures Battles Companion introduced vehicles, it surely couldn't be long before SWMB gamers looked at their Mini-Rigs and said, "Wouldn't it be neat if...?" much as Tony Case did for his SWRPG campaign. Not to be outdone, The Outlands is pleased to present the "SWMB Hasbro Update." I wonder how the battle for Altratonne would go if the Rebels had access to a couple of MLC-3 units...

Hey, Galoob! We want micro-machines of the old Mini-Rigs! Hey, Hasbro! We want reissues!

Here's the list with a few stats, in case you want a particular sort of vehicle and want to look by stat rather than by vehicle.

vehicle crew psgrs move flight
body str weapons fire arc SGPs
(no crew)
MLC-31060052x Mk 2e/S medium blaster cannon (fire-linked)F

INT-410150500m41x Mk 3e/S Heavy blaster cannonF249
AST-5102751000m22x Mk 2e/S Medium blaster cannon (fire-linked)F267
ISP-610400orbital22x Mk 1/S Laser cannon (fire-linked)F290
MTV-71040021x Mk 1/S laser cannon LFR102
Forest Ranger
Sail Skiff
Sand Skimmer
Imperial Sniper
Imperial Troop Transport26600.561x Mk 1/S Twin light blaster cannonT149
Nen-Carvon R-444
"Sky Swooper"

Bang, ya got me. The R-444 never appeared as a toy - it's from the pages of the venerable Cracken's Rebel Field Guide. But just look at it! Can you really say it doesn't deserve to be a Mini-Rig?

Galoob? Hasbro? Y'all listening? Does "rights to the 'expanded universe'" ring a bell?

The pics on the following pages are predominantly taken from toy auctions on eBay. I think the ISP-6 photo is by Brian Haden - other than that, I have no idea who I got the pics from. If you see a pic you took, let me know and I'll get you listed here in the credits. Heck, if you got better pics, let me know! No box art, please. I already went through that collection (and can't remember who did me that favor! sheesh) and opted not to use those pics in the SWMB setting, mainly due to intrusive text on the boxes.

What are you doing still reading down here?? Get back up there and look at the good stuff!