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Imperial Shuttle Pod

drive system:repulsorlift
turn dist:1"
flight ceiling:orbital
body str:2
body pts:20
weapons:2x Mk 1/S Laser cannon (fire-linked)
fire arc:F
SGPs (no crew):290

Cygnus Spaceworks originally intended the ISP-6 to be a one-person shuttle pod and flight trainer. It's family heritage is fairly obvious in the dihedral upward-folding s-foils and the dorsal stabilizer. Due its much smaller size, it has a higher maneuverability than its larger cousins which makes its use as a flight trainer somewhat questionable. As a stand-alone unit, it has come into its own. Trying to find a way to salvage the company's standing, engineers refitted the lower wings with a pair of weapon hardpoints and light laser cannon. The resulting vehicle is beginning to make a name for itself as a competent close air support craft. They can be dropped from orbit, like TIE fighters, and enter the atmosphere without suffering a degradation in maneuver performance, unlike the TIE design, thanks to its trio of airfoils. No further purchases by the military are planned, although inquiries from certain areas of the private sector may give the small shuttle a new lease on life.

Interested parties may contact the business offices of Cygnus Spaceworks for further information.