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Star Wars Miniatures Battles

Okay, let's see a show of hands - how many of us watched the battle of Hoth and swore we could have done better? With the SWMB and SWMBC, we get to find out if we're right in our braggadocio. Sure, it's a wargame. Admittedly, it's not what you'd call "realistic." Some sections of the rules even read pretty close to "make it up as you go."

But it is a STAR WARS vague, unrealistic wargame.

I have yet to really get into playing SWMB, I hate to admit. Part of that stems from just not having anyone around to play against. I'm trying to convince my wife to give it a go, but she swears I want her to play so I'll "have one more thing" I can beat her at. *sigh*

What little bit of piddling around with the game I have done has led me to a few things I felt worthy of sharing with my reading populace - that means you. Take a look.....

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