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I get my supplies from various different places, and switch suppliers when I find a better one. I get a lot of stuff from at Bill Shay . His prices are excellent in general, but even better for me 'cause he's in Portland

Ditto essential oils at Liberty Natural , but I know people from all over the country who order from them, too.

We're going up to Clinton War at Clinton, B.C. (north of Vancouver) this weekend, for fun and profit .

Oh, and when you have time to surf a bit, check out this site and let me know what you think .

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I have 3 kids. Only one at home. Love movies, candlemaking and=20 jeeping(Rockcrawling). Oh my sounds like I'm writing on a=20 singles thingy. Happily married and DH helps me pour sometimes. Hope to know you all better!!

LOL. It does, doesn't it? Welcome to the list and as far as where to star= t=20 .... well, there are various forms of HP. Here are some links for that, and if = I=20 understood you correctly you are relatively new to CP, as well, so I will add a couple= =20 links for=20 overall information. too. =20=20=20

HP stuff:

Some CP and general stuff:

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