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Close-Air Support aircraft


The Aeronautica Avril A-9A is a large ground-attack aircraft which was designed for the Close-Air Support joint services contract issued by the Outlands Air Force and Navy. Like the other competitors, it carries many "hard points" for weaponry beneath its wings.


Manufacturer: Aeronautica Avril
Type: Attack Bomber (Light)
Length: 53 feet 6 inches [16.3 meters]
Height: 17 feet 10 inches [5.4 meters]
Wingspan: 57 feet [17.4 meters]
No. of Engines: 2
Powerplant: Fuerza Motriz FMTF-85
Thrust (each): 8500
Stall Speed: 67.5mph
Speed: 448mph
Ceiling: 53,760 feet
Launch-to-Land time: four hours
Armament: 1 7-barrel 30mm gun,
19,000 lbs underwing stores
Radar unit: RPT-12q
Modes: surface-scan, SARH guidance, TFR, active rangefinder
Navigation/Communication: scrambled tac-radio, Inertial Navigation system, GPS, Low-Light TV
Gunsight: TD-4 computer, optomized for gun, bombs, missiles (light & medium), and torpedos (light and medium)
Defensive Measures: titanium "cockpit tub" armor; radar-locator; chaff & flare dispensers (20 loads), JH-2 Radar "spoofer"
Design Weight: 25,756.5 lbs
Loaded Weight: 45,000 lbs
Design Cost: Ar2,588,097.50 (US$7,764,292.50)

The contract calls for two variants of the basic airframe for the two services. The Air Force variant is required to have rough-field-capable landing gear while the Naval variant is required to have folding wings and an arrestor-hook. AA has provided two of each variant for the trials.

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