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Scatterpack weapons

A new approach to missile weapons introduced by Frontier Armaments and Security Association (FASA) is the scatterpack concept. The idea is similar in application to antique slug-thrower designs that propel several projectiles at once. Frontier Armaments has taken this concept and applied it to concussion grenades and concussion missiles.

Scatterpack - concussion grenade launcher
These are short-ranged weapons which fire high-explosive shells in clusters, similar to miniature rockets. Three models are available:
Scatterpack - concussion missile launcher
The SML series is designed to provide saturation fire at longer ranges. The models available are:

A full detailing of ranges and other statistics is available on the COMPREHENSIVE WEAPONS TABLE. These smaller-than-normal ordinance rounds are launched in volleys and strike in a pattern that improves a gunner's chances of putting his rounds on target. Of course the more skilled a gunner is with his weapon the more rounds he is likely to put on target.

number of projectiles fired
0-3 1111111"Success" equals the amount by which the gunner's to-hit roll (Gunner plus Fire Control) exceeds the Difficulty Number of the target.
4-5 1111233
6-8 1122345
9-10 1222456
11-13 1233568
14-15 1233579
16-18 23446910
19-20 234471013
21-26 234581215
27-30 244591417
31+ 2456101520