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Civilian Action

"The Second Civil War was filled with small aerial actions that didn't involve transonic jets and mega-tech missiles. Often, aerial superiority was not very well established. This was the case in the early stages of the Tulsa Siege. In one of the smaller but more notable developments of the growing seige, a group of Oklahoman civilians challenged a Federal AirCav troop convoy with private aircraft, jury-rigged to mount weapons..."

Federal Forces


Victory Conditions:

Seems to me the Federals are overly restricted. I had a hard time creating a force I felt stood much of a chance. I'm still not too sure the Feds will win. As it is, the Oklahoman force could just overwhelm them with sheer numbers - by one design, I could throw *16* civvie aircraft at the AirCav. I came up with some really wacky designs to be included in the Oklahoman force, recognizing that this was going to be a motley bunch of individuals. Finally, tho, I've refined it to a select few designs which can *still* be used in a horde against the AirCav. Most of my designs centered around jury-rigged biplane cropdusters. Don't ask why - I just got off on a biplane fetish that week. I *do* have some other designs, notably a couple of "Restored WarBirds" - a P-38 and a P-51. They aren't *exact* repro's, but they *are* close enough that you can visualize what is flying.

These are the rough design-sheets. I did them on Quattro Pro 9 and used the "handy" little "publish to internet" option to get them into a table format. Once I have decent graphics of plane and chopper bodies, I'll go back and slick them up to look like the other BMC vehicles.

Federal Forces
AirCav Gunship and transports
Converted Cropduster#1
Converted Cropduster#2
Converted Cropduster#3
Restored WarBird - P-38
Restored WarBird - P-51