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DSTP-412, Outland Station; Boryla Sector
Sunday, 26 December 2010
Action: Outlands paper-model set

This is a product review in several pieces.  Y'all are gonna get it piecemeal, because it is on my bench being built.

Action: Outlands is a paper-model project started by my very own Keke.  There are a number of sources for paper models to use with wargames or RPGs - and they are sized accordingly, for 25mm-30mm minis.  Some of them are absolutely incredible, with one of my favorites being Finger & Toe Models, with 50-something models listed on DTRPG.  Glenn has several free models available for you to download, including one called "Slagtown: Watchtower." 

It was this freebie that Keke built - and then planted some SW figs on. 

Then Glenn turned out the Octopad, which I haven't yet finished, but which is large enough to hold a ROC Cobra Gunship!

We decided Glenn needed to cater to us!  Thus began a subtle campaign of begging, wheedling, and cajoling for true action-figure sized goodies, to go with Jules' masterpieces and niub-niub's resources.

AND THEN came the fan-fic competition... and I mentioned to Glenn that if he could, in fact, release the set in time for me to build it up in time to use it to support Fixer, then not only would I meet my goal of having a line of action figures to match my NaNoWriMo novel, but my fig would then hit the Fan-Fic Contest with custom-designed scenic bits.  And I would make history.

And Glenn responded.  Oh yes, he did.  No kidding, the guy updated his computer to Win7 which then ATE his programs!!  He worked his guts out, trying to get all his programs, texture files, and so on reinstalled - JUST FOR ME!  He pulled out the stops to make THIS MODEL happen *before* Christmas, just so that Fixer will have an action-figure-scaled paper-model diorama for the Fan-Fic competition.  (I know, the comp. isn't about the diorama - that's ok)

And then - Glenn named the first set *after ME*!!  From DTRPG:

Finger and Toe Models announces the release of its first “ACTION FIGURE” terrain set release, OUTLANDS.  This PDF card stock set can be used to build a secret headquarters, an evil lair, a hidden laboratory, or just a really dangerous neighborhood for your 3 3/4"action figures to explore.

Are you frustrated with the cost of scenery, terrain, and props for action figures?  So was I, then a customer suggested I expand into action figure scale.  Well, Doc Outlands, this one’s for you, and for all the kids out there who want to play with their heroes and villains.  This set is designed so that you only need scissors, not a hobby knife, and the larger pieces and tabs should with adult supervision make assembly by younger gamers fairly easy.

Build tower modules, ramparts, and walkways, then stack and connect to create a stage for your adventures.  A basic tower module is four inches square and six tall, while the walkways have a six inch span.  Also included are a storage container and an oil drum to be used as cover or objectives.

The set is rather simple and straightforward - 13 pages of pieces that build into a staggering variety of options with well-illustrated and clearly-detailed instructions.  Glenn is an old wargamer, so he values modularity, variety, and simplicity.  This set has all three.  The basic 4x4 tower module stands 6" tall, giving Stormies or Rebels plenty of room to stand comfortably underneath.  The module can be left as-is or topped with rampart modules designed to slip into place.  The ramparts can be designed to be fully enclosed or to leave any of the four sides open.  This allows placement of a ladder - complete with a mid-way platform for a figure - or a walkway bridge to another tower module 6" away.  Another tower module can be stacked on top of the first, adding a third level.

On ground level, the set includes a pair of chemical drums and a large 8-sided shipping pod - excellent cover for Clone Troopers or Battle Droids!  If you want a more resilient obstacle, Glenn has included a basic barricade pair, with a 4" straight wall and a 1" corner. 

I already have plans for modifying this set - and that's what Glenn expects.  He makes his sets with an eye toward easy modification and kit-bashing.  However, I've got to finish off this unmodified set, so everyone can see it in all its glory.  Well, barring my own ham-handed neophyte paper-modeler mistakes.

I am thrilled, I am impressed, and I hope this set isn't the last.

(disclaimer - Glenn actually surprised me with the set as a Christmas present.  I was more than prepared to buy the set I had campaigned long and hard for, but Glenn waved that off and dropped it in my inbox.  I still believe this set to be worth my scrimping up the few $$ it costs - as are all his models that I have had the opportunity to buy.)

Here are some shots of a tower module with ladder, two wall sections, and a wall corner section posed with an e-web - it clears the barricade *perfectly!!* - and some various figs,  Plenty of headroom underneath the tower floor.


Posted by Outland Admin at 23:05 CST
Updated: Sunday, 26 December 2010 23:18 CST
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Welcome aboard!

Greetings, gentle-beings and welcome aboard Deep Space Trading Outpost 412, better known as Outland Station.  You have accessed the station's local comm-system and datanet.  We are happy to provide you with current information and news vital to station inhabitants.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact a station administrative assistant.


Our station owner, DocOutlands, is an active participant at, home of primarily Star Wars-themed action figure customizers.  Please stop by and visit the community there if you like to collect or play with action figures.


Outland Station is also home to a series of production platforms which create resin, hydrostone, and paper scenery for wargaming and action-figure play.  From time to time, visitors will be treated to articles presented by the Station's R&D labs, Construction facilities, and Production Platforms.  It is the goal of Outland's Marketing division to make visitors and residents aware of the plethora of goods and services available, either by our local manufacturers or by others who have demonstrated the ability to create a product of great utility.


Again, thank you for visiting and please stop by again the next time you are in our part of Boryla Sector!


--PL-814, admin protocol droid, Outland Station


Posted by Outland Admin at 21:41 CST
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